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Starlet's Sneaker Sensation: Rapid Inventory Sell-Out and Soaring Conversion Rates

In the dynamic world of fashion retail, staying ahead requires innovative strategies. Starlet, took a bold step. This success story unfolds how Starlet utilized Hanker to identify potential customers for their new sneakers range, leading to a rapid inventory sell-out and a significant boost in conversion rates.

Rapid Inventory Sell-Out

Experienced a rapid sell-out of 75% of their inventory.

Significant Increase in Conversion Rates

A 5x Boost in Conversion Rates


Launching a new product, especially in the competitive footwear market, poses challenges in predicting customer interest accurately. Starlet faced the challenge of efficiently introducing their latest sneaker range to the market and ensuring swift inventory turnover.

"Thanks to the cooperation with Bloomreach and Voxwise, we are able to collect valuable insights from store visitors and convert them into customers afterward. It’s amazing to see the 24.5% conversion rate attained through Voxwise’s innovative CRM strategy running on Bloomreach Engagement. Smart personalization and collecting contact information from our customers are crucial elements for us, and we are thrilled about what our cooperation brings next."

John Doe



Starlet partnered with Hanker to navigate the challenge. Hanker helped to identify customers most likely to be interested in the new sneakers. The goal was to tailor marketing efforts towards this specific audience, ensuring a targeted and impactful product launch.

Campaign Strategy

The heart of Starlet's success lay in the precision of their campaign strategy. With insights from Hanker, Starlet crafted tailored messaging and captivating artworks specifically designed to resonate with potential sneaker buyers. The focus was on creating a buzz around the new range, emphasizing its unique features and style.


The campaign was executed seamlessly across various channels, including social media, email marketing, and targeted online advertisements. The captivating artworks showcasing the new sneakers were strategically placed to capture the attention of the identified audience. The messaging, personalized to align with individual preferences, aimed to create a sense of anticipation and exclusivity.

  1. Rapid Inventory Sell-Out: Thanks to the targeted approach facilitated by Hanker, Starlet experienced a rapid sell-out of the new sneaker range selling out 75% of their inventory in the first week. The accurate identification of potential customers ensured that the inventory was liquidated much quicker than anticipated, minimizing the risk of overstock.
  2. Significant Increase in Conversion Rates: The tailored messaging and captivating artworks resonated strongly with the identified audience, resulting in a substantial boost in conversion rates to 5x higher than usual. Customers not only showed interest but also acted swiftly on their purchasing decisions.

Starlet's Sneaker Sensation success story exemplifies the transformative impact of data-driven marketing. By partnering with Hanker and utilizing predictive analytics, Starlet not only achieved a rapid inventory sell-out but also witnessed a significant increase in conversion rates. This success underscores the importance of leveraging advanced analytics to identify and engage with the right audience, setting a new standard for effective product launches in the competitive fashion industry.