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Welcome to the future of AdTech and MarTech. At Hanker, we're architects of digital transformation, merging AdTech and MarTech to drive innovation. In an ever-evolving digital world, we pioneer new ways for businesses to excel. Our dedicated team pushes boundaries, creating groundbreaking solutions. We value relationships; your goals are ours. Let's innovate together for a future where every interaction leaves a mark.

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Syma Arshad CCO, Hanker

I trust this message finds you all in good spirits and health. Today, I’m reaching out to you not just as the CEO, but as a fellow traveler on this marvellous journey we call Hanker. Hanker isn't just a team; we're an amalgamation of diverse expertise and passion. It is a pioneering force in the industry with revolutionary AdTech and MarTech solutions. Our commitment to excellence helps us to create the best possible results for our clients. Here's to the uncharted territory that awaits us, and to the innovative spirit that defines Hanker.

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Mohammad Omar Farooq CEO, Hanker

I'm thrilled to connect with our spirited community. In this era of rapid technology advancement, we're not just crafting code; we're constructing innovation. At Hanker, our brilliance drives us to create experiences that reshape how the world engages with digital realms. Let's ignite curiosity, collaboration, and amplify innovation as we continue on our path. I extend my gratitude to our skilful team. Our team’s expertise sets our progress into motion and turns ideas into reality. From me to you, for an exciting tech-filled future and our shared mission to leave a lasting impact with Hanker.

Saqib Raza CTO, Hanker