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LOGO 11.11: Re-engaging inactive customers and winning them back

Hanker Global assisted shoes brand Logo in achieving their campaign objectives for the 11.11 Sale. Through their integrated CDP system, Hanker was able to boost Logo’s total revenue by implementing targeted advertisements and personalized promotions.

50% Customer Won-Back

Successfully re-engaged over 1,000 previously inactive customers - this was 50% of the total returning customers in this campaign.

Conversion Rate

Maintained an average conversion rate of


One of the key challenges that Logo faced was to re-engage inactive customers and win them back by pushing interesting offers that helped them increase their revenue and reconnect with lost customers. Hanker’s enterprise system helped them achieve just that within the defined budget.

"Thanks to the cooperation with Bloomreach and Voxwise, we are able to collect valuable insights from store visitors and convert them into customers afterward. It’s amazing to see the 24.5% conversion rate attained through Voxwise’s innovative CRM strategy running on Bloomreach Engagement. Smart personalization and collecting contact information from our customers are crucial elements for us, and we are thrilled about what our cooperation brings next."

John Doe



Hanker's data interpretation tools allowed Logo to successfully re-engage previously inactive customers and attract new ones, resulting in a positive ROI within Logo's defined budget. This successful collaboration showcases Hanker's ability to leverage data effectively to achieve tangible results for their clients.

Campaign Strategy

Hanker Global successfully implemented targeted SMS campaigns and utilized win-back focus strategies for Logo, a shoe brand, resulting in a successful recapture of their previously inactive customers. With personalized promotional messages sent to a specific audience of over 100,000 customers, Hanker Global helped Logo re-engage with their audience and drive brand loyalty. The win-back focus approach proved effective for Logo, as they saw a significant increase in customer retention and sales.

  1. Total Revenue: Achieved over PKR 20 million in total revenue during the 11.11 Sale from returning customers.
  2. Customer Won-Back: Successfully re-engaged over 1,000 previously inactive customers – this was 50% of the total returning customers in this campaign.
  3. Revenue from Won-Back Customers: Generated more than PKR 10 million from the win-back segment.
  4. Conversion Rate: Maintained an average conversion rate of 2%.

5. Budget and Marketing Spend: Operated within the defined budget with a marketing spend of 2% of the total revenue.

  1. Targeted Outreach: The success of the campaign can be attributed to the precision of the SMS strategy, reaching out specifically to a defined audience.
  2. Customer Won-Back Strategy: The focus on re-engaging inactive customers proved to be a key driver of revenue growth.
  3. Budget Efficiency: Achieving significant results within a limited budget demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of SMS marketing.

The 11.11 retargeting was a huge success, not only in terms of total revenue but also in strategically winning back customers who had previously been inactive. The case highlights the potency of targeted SMS campaigns when executed with precision, focusing on customer re-engagement and delivering enticing limited-time offers. The efficient use of a modest budget further emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of this successful marketing endeavor.