Value Proposition

Integrated Customers Depositary

Seamlessly consolidates customers data from various sources, providing our clients with a cohesive 360 view of each customers in the big data environment.

Emotional connect with experiential marketing

With the relevant offers, focused recommendations and personalized communication, brands can achieve enhanced customers engagement which last in winning and sustainable relationships ensuring concentrated brand equity.

Amplified efficiency

Our customers segmented approach, with refined strategies and improved customers retargeting, enable the brands to converge the efforts within clusters of customers or categories while driving amplified results.

Agile decision making

The navigation through hanker dashboard in one window, allows the strategists and brands make a choice from observing real-business use cases rather than relying on theoretical elements.

Our Methodology


Customers Centricity

Data Driven Insights

Agility To Support Growth


Customers Segmentation and Clustering

The first step of unleashing the power of big data is through your customers segmentation. Using this feature enables the brand to create sustainable connections with their customers while increasing lifetime value.

Data-driven Marketing and Advertisement

A unique way of not only executing data driven campaigns, but also assessing quick performance daily weekly and month wise to get a quick pulse of your running advertisements

RFM Analysis for Customers Retention

RFM analysis, use your big data environment through our RFM model and take actions based on customers relationship with your brand

Conversion Analysis Tool to Gauge ROI

What can be measured – can be achieved. Get the insight of conversions of campaigns like never before.

Customers Cohort with Spending Patterns

How about assessing all your network performance data in one window and flexibility of not only taking a deeper look but taking quick actions like liquidation, footfall, conversions etc.

Predictions and AI

Reduce customers churn reward high value customers and build brand growth while driving the customers future behavior pattern. Be on top of your game and plan event triggered campaigns

Interactive Dashboards

Enter the realm of big data of your customers with online/brick and mortar data and get different views through different behavioral patterns of both these customers. Also, you can assess overarching behaviors as well. Smart views resulting into smart actions.

Customers Depository for Big Data

The flexibility of having a bird’s eye view vis-à-vis analyzing a focused view. It equips the partner brands to make effective decisions in a timely manner. This could result in higher ROI, ROAS, X time’s growth and optimization

Auto Campaigns through Targeted Communications

Hanker features enables the brands to run product/category focused campaigns which could lead to targeted results. Unleash the power of Hanker through data driven ad tech approach and use laser sharp communication to build deep knitted relationship with the customer

Verticals- End To End Eco System For Consumer Business & Retail

Welcome to the future of adtech and martech. At Hanker, we're architects of digital transformation, merging adtech and martech to drive innovation. In an ever-evolving digital world, we pioneer new ways for businesses to excel. Our dedicated team pushes boundaries, creating groundbreaking solutions. We value relationships; your goals are ours. Let's innovate together for a future where every interaction leaves a mark.
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Syma Arshad CCO, Hanker Technologies

I trust this message finds you all in good spirits and health. Today, I’m reaching out to you not just as the CEO, but as a fellow traveler on this marvellous journey we call Hanker Technologies. Hanker isn't just a team; we're an amalgamation of diverse expertise and passion. Hanker is a pioneering force in the industry with revolutionary Adtech and Martech solutions. Our commitment to excellence helps us to create the best possible results for our clients. Here's to the uncharted territory that awaits us, and to the innovative spirit that defines Hanker.
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Omar Farooq CEO, Hanker Technologies

I'm thrilled to connect with our spirited community. In this era of rapid technology advancement, we're not just crafting code; we're constructing innovation. At Hanker, our brilliance drives us to create experiences that reshape how the world engages with digital realms. Let's ignite curiosity, collaboration, and amplify innovation as we continue on our path. I extend my gratitude to our skilful team. Our team’s expertise sets our progress into motion and turns ideas into reality. From me to you, for an exciting tech-filled future and our shared mission to leave a lasting impact with HANKER.

Saqib Raza CTO, Hanker Technologies

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